PBI Explorer is a free tool to

  • Take full ownership of your Power BI reports
    PBI Explorer gives you a code-first view of your PBIX/PBIP reports. All visual properties, settings, and relationships are fully exposed in Tabular Editor style.
  • Inspect differences between report versions
    PBI Explorer provides a git-like diff view between two reports, highlighting what's been modified or removed.
  • Understand how the data model is used by reports
    PBI Explorer provides a view of all elements from the data model used in the report.
  • View difficult-to-see report features
    PBI Explorer exposes all report features that are difficult to inspect visually (like bookmarks, filters, etc).

PBI Explorer is free and will always be free.

Version: 0.7.2 (2024-02-02)
Windows (64bit) Application

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